Hair Regeneration

The second-most requested treatment in the microneedling realm (second only to facial microneedling), is the treatment of hair thinning or androgenetic alopecia. Tiny perforations created within the scalp create a wounding cascade within the dermal papillae environment that causes a natural expression of growth factors and cytokines and other protein molecules that instruct the hair to naturally regenerate itself.

Hair follicles of mammalian skin have the unique ability to stereotypically and periodically regenerate themselves, allowing the follicle to produce new hair over time. This process is influenced and mediated by local growth factor activity within the base of the hair follicle due to stem cells and other cell populations that make up the micro-environment within the follicle. These natural growth factors and cytokines that influence hair growth start to decline with age, which leads to depleted hair within the scalp.

The primary mediating pathway to all hair thinning is the WNT or Wingless and Integrated Follicular Signaling pathway. Research has shown that when mesenchymal stem cells are cultured (in the case of AnteAGE® the bone marrow stem cell) with certain influences that drive and coax those stem cells down the WNT follicular signaling pathway, they will begin to produce a plethora of growth factors that are specifically geared towards follicular regeneration, hair follicle morphogenesis, and allowing the follicular environment to better communicate from the dermal papillae stem cell to the rest of the follicle- pushing hair from the resting stage, to the robust growing stage.

In addition to the WNT signaling pathway, the AnteAGE MD® team has identified multiple different biological signals and pathways that are specifically geared towards creating a robust and healthy setting within the micro environment of the hair. It took close to three years to identify all of the intracellular and extracellular pathways to create a product for follicular regeneration in microneedling that is truly unparalleled in the skincare and aesthetic industry.

The AnteAGE MD® Hair Microneedling Solution is a radical departure from the AnteAGE® facial microneedling product. While grown similarly (except for the WNT follicular signaling pathway), this product in a base of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, contains the entire portfolio of proteins that the hair follicle requires to maintain the ability to regenerate itself and push morphogenesis into this follicular environment- allowing the follicle to maintain a robust growth profile.

Put through the rigors of clinical testing, the AnteAGE MD® Hair Microneedling Solution has proven to be the best topical, most highly targeted, and most efficacious approach to hair thinning. While the industry gold standard of PRP shows marginal benefit for hair due to angiogenesis and neovascularization (blood flow to that hair follicle increases its ability to robustly grow), it is not a targeted approach. When the AnteAGE MD® Hair Microneedling Solution is applied, the scalp is flooded with specific, targeted protein molecules that instruct the follicle to regenerate itself.

It is not uncommon for Providers to use the Hair Microneedling Solutionin combination with PRP to increase and optimize the scalp’s response to the two topical products. Flooding the scalp with not only the targeted proteins, but the vascular proteins as well, resulting in the most optimal outcome and result- unlike any other topical microneedling adjuvant product in the hair category.