Skinwave Facial

SKINWAVE is a BRAND-NEW SKIN WELLNESS DEVICE that cleans, exfoliates, hydrates and ​truly awakens your skin’s natural beauty.

This multidimensional treatment includes an aqua delivery system,hydrogen therapy, electroporation and a contouring roller to make this
treatment more effective and relaxing.

We are thrilled to offer the innovative SKINWAVE treatment! ​With this device, our patients are able to experience the most advanced aqua delivery treatment available. BUT, SKINWAVE is so much more than a simple aqua treatment.

Hydrogen Therapy With Antioxident Benefits

Who is a candidate for SKINWAVE?

Anyone looking to improve overall skin wellness including:

  • Cleansing, Mosturizing and Exfoliating
  • Dry, Dull and Aging Skin
  • Acne and Oily Skin
  • Dont forget your Neck, Chest and Back too!