Subnovii Plasma Pen

Introducing Subnovii, a non-invasive treatment that delivers surgical-like results.

Big Country Laser is thrilled to offer Advanced Plasma Technology, including unmatched LF+ technology. Plasma technology is the exciting new treatment taking the aesthetic market by storm. With a variation of devices on the market, Big Country Laser took time to extensively research the treatment, most specifically as it relates to the device delivering the treatment. Our first priority is the safety of our patients, in tandem with best in class results. We are excited to offer Subnovii, an Advanced Plasma technology that employs LF+ Technology, unlike other devices.

So what, exactly does a Subnovii Plasma treatment entail? It effectively takes advantage of the fine layer of ionized gas, or plasma, that exists along the surface of your skin. Plasma devices emit energy that instantly sublimates a precise spot on the skin area. A sealed wound is created and shock delivered to the tissue below to stimulate fibroblast activity which stimulates collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The tip of the plasma device never actually touches the skin but it’s the power of molecular physics that gives this treatment its magic.

Subnovii treatments can be performed anywhere on the body. However, the face and neck are the most popular treatment areas. Fibroblast therapy is especially effective at targeting smaller treatment areas, such as the area between the eyes, the eyelids, or the area above the lip.

Fibroblast therapy is clinically shown to improve the following:

Peri-oral wrinkles (fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth including marionette lines)
Nasolabial folds (smile lines or laugh lines)
Wrinkles around and between the eyes (including brow lines and crow’s feet)
Forehead lines
Heavy eyelids (eye bags or eye hoods on the lower and upper eyelid)
Sagging skin around the jawline (improves jowling)
Loose neck skin
Décolletage (skin laxity and wrinkles above the chest)
Scarring (including stretch marks and acne scars)

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

The length of the procedure will depend on the area you are treating. This is an ‘in office’ procedure and you’ll easily be headed home minutes after the procedure.

What Post-Care Steps Are Required?

Every patient will receive specially formulated post-care products and instructions to keep the area dry to help with the healing process. It is important to use sun protection long after treatment.

Who Is A Candidate For Subnovii?

Talk to you provider about whether a treatment with Subnovii is right for you. Some skin types may be at risk of post procedure pigmentation issues, so it’s important to talk with a licensed aesthetic provider.

What Should You Expect From Your Subnovii Treatment?

Because the plasma device creates an instant wound on the skin, small scabs will form that can take 5-10 days to fall off. The scabs are a natural and protective barrier to the magic taking place below. Because the treatment area is immediately sealed, there is a very low risk of side effects, but the skin may appear red and inflamed, redness, swelling, feel tight and itchy as the area heals. Once the scabs fall off, the skin beneath may look pink. This is renewed skin and any redness should progressively fade.

Subnovii Plasma Pen Results

Plasma pen results are both immediate and progressive. Many patients notice tighter skin within the first week after their treatment. Progressive results, such as improved smoothness and added firmness are typically seen 3 months after the treatment and up to 6 months after your Subnovii procedure. Improvements can last for up to three years. However, individual experiences may vary.

Does The Plasma Pen Hurt?

To ensure your comfort, treatments are performed using local anesthetic. You will not be put to sleep. The local anesthesia will numb the treatment area only. You should feel no discomfort during the treatment.